Adopt a School

Since it's inception, God has allow Parkview Assembly to bless and interact with

several major schools in our Community:

Baltz Elementary, Heritage Elementary

Skyline Middle School, and Shue MIddle school,

Aspira Charter School & Brookside Elementary

As of June 2022 we have blessed 22,400 families!

There are over three thousand (3K) families in these schools combined!

Our hearts cry to to show them the love of Christ as demonstrated in Gospels, caring for the less fortunate and those who may be encountering a difficult season.

How do we accomplish this?

Boxes of Hope supplies a source of non-perishable foods to those families in need.

Our Backpack outreach intends to place a backpack in the hands of every Elementary and Middle school student .

Day of Hope is a massive one day outreach/festival targeting a

specific school to bless, encourage and support the families of that school.

Partner with us !

Serve or donate to assist those in need.

Boxes of Hope

Parkview's response to the COVID19 pandemic has been the distribution of "Boxes of Hope".

Dozens of non-perishable food items placed inside boxes with notes of love and support from our Middle and Youth school groups to encourage families that God has not forgotten about them.

We are fulfilling the scriptural mandate in

Matthew 25:34-40 &

Isaiah 58:7  "Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry
And bring the  poor into your house."

Backpack Giveaway

Our hearts desire is to place a fully-loaded BackPack in the hands of every student in our community schools.

Summer of 2020

Boxes of Hope

& back Pack Give away